Forgotten Era Regulations

Forgotten Era


The class will be run as a normal race during meetings.

The Championship will be split:
Up to 500cc // 501cc – Unlimited
Production machines manufactured up to and including 31st December 1990

Race machines produced up to and including 31st December 1990

Any form  of normally aspirated internal combustion engine permitted – Singles, Twins, Triples, Fours – Two or Four stroke

Production-based machines must retain original frame and engine numbers. Engines must be of original specification, as fitted at time of manufacture.

No slick or cut slick tyres are permitted. Wet tyres may be used.

Tyre warmers may be used.

Standard wheels & wheel sizes must be used unless they were part of the manufacturers specification or available as “aftermarket” before 31st December 1990.

Brakes/brake calipers must be standard or period aftermarket parts made available before 31st December 1990.

Frames and swingarms must be of original type. Aftermarket frames may be used if they were produced before 31st December 1990.

No upside down forks unless they were fitted to the machine as a standard item.

No electronic quickshifters or detonation counters.

No pressurised airboxes.

All machine details must be registered with the Club ie Make, Model, Year of manufacture. The rider may be asked to present evidence of a machine’s age to verify it was produced before the cut-off date.  The Eligibility Officer will take details of any machine ie frame/engine numbers which may require further investigation. The evidence of machine registration MUST be produced within 21 days. The Eligibility Officer will consult the Chief Technical Officer and the Clerk of the Course if any machine is found to be questionable. Their decision will be final, subject to normal rights of appeal.

These regulations may be subject to change.