Riders Representative

Riders Representative

What are the duties of a Riders Rep at a race meeting?

If a rider has a problem of any description, they are to contact the Riders Representative to  try to sort it out. For example when wishing to speak with the club organisers about missing a practice, having to start from the back of the grid for not completing a qualifier or arriving late in the holding area.

These are a few problems that can occur and are better dealt with by a third party.

In my case, being a rep for the Classics Class, there can be questions of eligibility, you cannot expect the Race Secretary to know whether a machine is right for the class for which it has been entered.

In short your riders representative is there to liaise between a rider who has a problem and the organisers. They are there for your benefit so use them and things will go a lot smoother.

Kind Regards
Jack Clarke
PDMCC Riders Representative.